Back Home

Well i’m back home now and what have I been doing within the first week?
I’ve applied for a job
I applied for Job Seekers Allowance (I’m trying the out the new online system to see how annoying it is)
We are proud owners of two kittens!
I’m catching up with friends via a new phone
I’ve attended the Publicity Group meeting to plan for the next Holbeck Neighbourhood Forum (Dec), where I nominated myself to do a presentation of my visit to the Highline (heck!).
Oh yes, and writing my report.

More importantly I’ve come back to being a Mum
Other than physical changes like a tooth growing through and getting taller the two have become competent little learners since I left.
Leaving for a month have has seen them accelerate at school, they’ve got more independent and confident.
My neck was craned walking back home the first day, like I was soaking in 4 weeks of news.
Iona skipped down the street skimming her hand over my head in mid flight saying ‘Mummy you’ve shrunk,’ I said no darling you’ve grown!
I took them for tea yesterday and asked them if they’d noticed anything different about me.
They said;
You’re more happy
You’re more lively
You listen to us
And your interested in us..
Maybe the four weeks away was worth it.
I said do you want mummy to go away for that long again.
They quickly replied




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About lucylines

Mum and family support professional based in Leeds. Recently awarded Churchill Travelling Grant to visit New York and Brazil to learn good parental engagement practice in areas of social deprivation.
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