Hi! I’m Lucy I have two young children and live with my partner in Leeds. I am also passionate about my community and working with families.
I work within a multicultural and socially deprived area of Leeds. I am frontline worker and for the past four years have been working in outreach forming links with isolated families and engaging them in the services available. Earlier this year I was awarded the Winston Churchill Travelling Fellowship funding people from all walks of life to experience best practice and implement findings back into their own community. Based on my short but intense four year career, they have chosen to fund me based on my passion for my subject. I am humbled to be picked from hundreds of applicants, and slighty petrified at the prospect of my journey. Nevertheless my first stop will be New York this September, where I intend to find out as much as possible all the family engagement work they carry out there. I have already learnt that most services are conducted through charitable and voluntary organisations and some are parent/carer led. The States formed HeadStart as a post war early intervention and family support service, in the early 90’s the UK took the same strategy and called it SureStart. I want to find out what kind of ‘head start’ the USA has on the UK.



Picture of Mum


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