Reflections from the weekend

Apologises for my absence since setting up my blog; I have gone back to the day job. The weekend however was full of interesting family stuff like going to a peaceful demonstration in the centre of Leeds on Saturday to the Morley town centre to join citizens for St Georges day on Sunday (no-one like Morley do this better!)
At the demonstration my 7 year old said;
‘Is what we are doing good Mummy?’ to which I remember looking down at my 10 year old shouting ‘Down with the government!’ and said ‘That’s a very good question’ what do you think? Then she said well, will it feels good, but I feel a little bit bad, like i’m going to get told off by David Cameron’.
The square outside the art gallery was packed with speakers telling their stories of having to move out of their houses, houses which they had lived in for years, some with physical needs that use the extra bedrooms for equipment. I did feel like what I was doing was right. There were all ages at the march and for once it felt like people were taking action. When you protest about the war in 2003 that’s okay because it’s ok not to like war. But I think a lot of people don’t understand about this bedroom tax. Simply 30,000 people who are on and in work benefits will face eviction in the next 3 months. They are already reclassifying 865 houses into one bedrooms (ie the council know it doesn’t make sense) Because of this the people who weren’t there think I’m probably a political upstart.. taking my children into a potential dangerous situation. It couldn’t have been further from the truth it was a vibrant and diverse experience and yes a bit radical. But, my kids got to experience that, and hopefully when they see when this silly tax is taken away they can say I was part of that! (david cameron!)


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