Roots and a new Project

Leeds has been my home for twelve years now. Being brought up in York for the first 18 years of my life, the Metropolitan lights of Leeds have always seemed brighter. Then, after 5 years living in London and a year travelling, the nearest city back up North that was closet to family seemed to be Leeds. This is where I have chose to study again, and to bring my family up within the diverse and multicultural community that is Leeds.
Recently my Mum sold her house in York after 40 years (20 years in one place 20 in another). Up until then, I felt that I always had York to go back to and that I would always have that connection with the big town. I felt now that I’d somehow lost my roots.
A sequence of events followed, I spent weeks travelling up and down the A64 helping clear out 40 years of stuff to the tip. On the Sunday before Mum moved we took and moved ‘Bugs’ the rabbit into our dandelion-filled garden.
We set him up with a run and chicken wired protection for himself and other predators. Locked him away safely at night. The children enjoyed feeding him stalks of broccoli and stroking his back as he hopped around his run; I felt happy with myself we’d housed a rabbit and made the transition as smooth as a possible.
The night before the day Mum moved it rained and blew a gale. I went out into the garden at 6am to let the rabbit out. It had disappeared! A hutch door opened no sign of struggle, except a fluffy tail laid on it’s own in the run. Any theories about rabbits tails dropping off without signs of blood, attack or foxes footprints are most appreciated.
In the all confusion I sped off to work on my bike holding both sets of keys and locking the rest of the family inside the house.
At 8.50am I found out I needed to go out and back again, release my children to school, without anyone noticing I was gone. This just all added to the guilt and stress of the mornings events.
Believing Bugs really didn’t want to stay hemmed in in Leeds he decided to bunk the same day Mum did. He left us his tail which the children were quietly appalled yet inquisitively attracted to by all the same.
Back out again – still raining and a-galeing I did some home visits. On the way back down Dewsbury Road I spied an old bike stacked up with other second hand items on the corner of Mafeking Mount (to my relief – a great shop) it turned the whole morning into a positive. Feeling I had nothing to lose I successfully knocked 50% off the price donned in helmet next to my own bike with a ‘I know what i’m talking about look’ seemed to do the trick.
So all in all a good move, sadly no more rabbit but a new project – my vintage Raleigh bike from Drakes in Harehills – I love cycling, but then I am from York.




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