Texting across the ages

So Grandma finally got herself a mobile phone. We thought at 61 years old she should at least try it. When purchasing the whopping £5 phone she said ‘How about I buy one for Stanley? I wasn’t sure? Stood their as the only primary carer without Dad to help make this decision on behalf of our 10 year old, I had to think on the spot. ‘Yeah, okay then’ I said. It has all turned out brilliantly. Not only have they both found a new way of communicating, but they’re both sharing the experience together. Stanley the child of the digital age is already teaching his grandma how to text and having fun doing it.

How my son has benefited;
He is communicating his thoughts in a predictive text way.
He can be contacted when his Dad is trying to get in touch with Mum (not so great)
He is learning how to text the old skool way just like we did! Maybe in ten years time he’ll get his first iPhone.
Also, learning to budget his ‘pay as you go’ tariffs can’t be a bad thing.

How my Grandma has benefited;
Learning new technology although she already knows lots of words.
Surprising family members with endless ‘guess who’ texts.

Although the novelty has nearly worn off now, ie: Stanley has stopped running upstairs to me with my phone, whilst on the loo saying ‘you’ve left your mobile downstairs’ and then running back downstairs to call me on it. Also, quickly intervening when we found Grandma nearly trashing hers. We are almost a complete digital family; Stanley embracing the phone and Grandma kicking and screaming behind.



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