Holbeck Gala

The Publicity Group descended upon Holbeck Moor for the annual gala last Saturday. The group is part of the Holbeck Neighbourhood Plan (a regeneration action group). So far we have managed to organise banners, stickers and badges. We met the Thursday before to finalise last minute details for the gala. It was so positive to see everyone’s efforts transforming into tangible objects to help promote the group and drive forward the vision of the content of the plan.

Ellie, Gracelia and myself met on the gloriously sunny morning by the edge of the moor and went to find our pitch. We waited for the bandana’d men with mallets to pop up our marque and set out organising the activities. It was the first time we had done this for the group, so we weren’t quite sure how it was going to look. We shared the marque with the other members of the content group who displayed black and white photographic images of how Holbeck used to look. A big thanks to Dennis and Ian for helping to bring over mats tables and chairs in the flatbed.

Whilst the smells of hot food and crackling microphone voices from the talent show drifted by we helped draw in families by offering creative activities. We made more banners on cut out sheets and poster paints. Footprints and handprints were splattered all over whilst we tried to design more Holbeck banners. Badge making was fun but required some skill, so after some pressing and throwing out and help from expert hands (children) we managed to produce a good quality production line. We were really chuffed with the interest and managed get more people signed up and aware of the work the plan is doing for families in Holbeck. Eve Tidswell signed up 22 new members to the forum!

(Thanks also to Ingram Road for your Year 6 who entered our competition. I hope you all enjoyed the prizes. We had fun judging and the photos will follow very shortly!)


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