One more sleep

Tomorrow I fly to New York. Everyone is excited for me especially my children who don’t seem to bothered that I’m leaving them for a month. I think that they’re looking forward to living with their Grandma for a while.
I’ve found packing a dream; I’m usually spending all my time trying to locate head torches and wellies.
I’ve spent the last two weeks researching news on the ground in both mainstream and private children centres. Thanks to all the managers, coordinators and front line staff who have all offered their time (with at least 2 hrs notice), not only for me to practice my interviewing skills but to get an up to date picture of family support with regards to training, engaging families and policies in Leeds. Hey guys please keep following the blog your comments are important to me.
A big thanks also to the North Carolina Head Start-State Collaboration Office who have helped me build contacts in Early Head Start Centres and Charities within the New York City Districts. Everyone has been so accommodating and friendly I am really looking forward to meeting them face to face.
Ok.. so getting ready for the Bon Voyage party which is happening right now, so I’d better go as I’m going to miss my family so much.
All of this has been made possible by the Winston Churchill Memorial Fellowship.
Thanks again to everyone who has helped get me this far!



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