Arrived safely

I’ve arrived safely. Sat in my Brooklyn apartment and have met my lovely new flatmates! Unfortunately, my luggage is still elsewhere.. probably in UK, it travelled separately from me. But, on the other hand I’ve just seen the Manhattan skyline light up as I turned off the last exit to Brooklyn (sorry couldn’t resist saying that!). I also don’t recognise my own voice when I talk it’s like really high pitched and I’ve got foggy ears from flying.
So, I’ll be hanging around tomorrow to wait for my suitcase to be delivered back to me.I will probably have to reschedule my first appointment with ACS in the morning! Very tired as in my head it’s 4am but it’s really 22.54.
Thanks for the tracky bottoms and t shirt Dave!






2 thoughts on “Arrived safely

  1. Glad to hear you’ve arrived safely – hope your luggage catches up with you soon and you get to sleep off your jet lag! Looking forward to following your adventures in NYC…xxxx Anita

  2. Hi glad you got there safely. Looking forward to reading about your journey and some of the highs you experience . Keep smiling

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