Living the high line

Woke up to Day Two having had a good sleep. I think i’m over the worst of my jet lag. No luggage yet, but I get an email saying it’s been located! I’m told that it’s with Carlos and he’s delivering it to me! At last! I had begun to calculate replacements of clothes, adaptors, a keyboard and Yorkshire tea towels (gifts).
The morning passed by and Carlos made it for 1.30. Phew. My phone and ipad needed charging so I left them doing that at the apartment and gave myself a break from phones and the like and caught the subway to 8th Avenue to walk over the high line.
The high line is so amazing not least for a tourist who can actually take their time and peruse the views without feeling they’re being pushed along by the crowd. I’d been told that it was best to go midweek as the crowds on a weekend get busy. You can see from the photos it was already packed. The high line was once a disused train line and, tracks are still visible but lay between landscaped shrubs and trees. It stretches about half a mile and views are of the Chelsea area and the Meat packing district. People come up here to take lunch, or just sit on one of the viewing platforms and watch the world go by.20130917-232037.jpg









2 thoughts on “Living the high line

  1. Hi Lucy. Just a quick one to say how much I like your blog. Everything seems to be going well (now you’ve got your luggage!). Glad you liked the High Line. I’ve been watching progress on that for several years now and although I’ve not been (12 years since I was last in NY, on my own Fellowship) it’s on my To-Do list. There are plans afoot to develop something similar in London. Hope it continues to go well.


    Gordon Mason (East Pennine Association)

    1. Hi Gordon,
      Yes, it’s a fantastic bit of urban planning and design.There is a project I’m working with at the moment called the Holbeck Viaduct Project in Leeds. There was a bid ealry 2000 with Yorkshire Forward to develop the viaduct, but the money was pulled at the same time Yorkshire Forward was. We are hoping to resurrect the contextual visuals together and hopefully get a green corridor or some raised urban pathway above Holbeck which would be amazing. Thing is with the Highline it is very touristy and gets packed at the weekend. How it would lend itself to different communities I’ve yet to find out! excting stuff especially when it comes into fruition.

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