South Bronx Experience

Today I had my first visit to the Centre for Children’s services (Episcopal social services) in the South Bronx. I caught the subway, I’m still getting lost on it BUT it’s an amazing way to travel and explore the city. Firstly the subway lays just a couple of flights of stairs below street level, unlike the London tube where you have to go deep down into the depths of the earth. So each time you leave the subway you always make your way ‘up’ into street. Each time I enter a new subway stop and as I walk up the steps I always try to envisage what urban picture awaits. It starts with the sound, then light, sky, a tree branch or a lamp post and then as you ascend the view immediately carries you away. You tell within a spilt second how you feel about the area. E149th St and 3rd was a totally new experience for me in New York. The bass from the sound systems were blaring out, people were being much more vocal, the colours were more vibrant. There was more sense of community. 20130918-190633.jpg



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