Child Center of New York City but no photos

Sorry for the slight pause in entries there, I thought I’d lost my camera but I hadn’t, I’d left it in Adam’s office, only realising a day after. Since which I’d had the NYPD round my apartment as I was rushing round getting ready to go out to meet some fellow fellows (hello Matt and Tamasin), they must have thought who on earth is this mad English woman and signed me a crime number. Not before my elderly landlord came out to see why the cops were at his house. After telling him story he offered me a lift into Manhattan, only he thought I’d said the Brooklyn Bowl (wherever that is) and dropped me off farther away than I wanted to be in the first place. Never mind I’m back in one piece now and before all this I’d had a relatively relaxed meeting with Adam Chaiken Associate Executive Director at Child Centre of New York.
As mentioned when I met Thomas the day before it is a family intervention service for at-risk families. This is almost like a mini PCT (primary care trust), responding to the needs of families with clinics dotted around the wider area of Queens. Their specialism is Mental Health covering various clinics around the borough. The centre is celebrating it’s 60th year and you get the feeling they helped pioneer first NGO in health care in New York City. Mental health is one of the main barriers families face when accessing services, and this service has remained an important part in engaging families with this primary need.
All family support workers are bilingual and offer hot meals at groups – a re accruing theme. Because the associate executive directors are on site they meet with the families on a daily basis. They also oversee the family support workers and are visible for ongoing supervision. Ruthine- Case Management Project Director says, as she reports straight to the AED’s she needs to know how their progress with family engagement is and if there are any problems she can get on to right away. For instance they are continually looking at different topics to discuss at monthly parent meetings, health & safety from answering the door and checking ID to monitoring internet use. The next one will be on jobs searches.
Thank you guys, i’ll see you again tomorrow when I return for my camera!


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