City College Campus and Columbia University

City College Campus and Columbia University hug into the West side of Harlem, giving way to wide green spaces and new shiny buildings. Columbia University has tended lawns and lots of students looking very busy with laptops. It’s library reminds me of the Parkinson building at Leeds Uni with its grand steps. I stop for some lunch and drink a sasparela drink, it tastes of dettol but I get used to it.
After I leave I go towards the Cathedral of St John the Divine, the most largest Gothic Cathedral in the world. Just as I’m walking down Amsterdam Avenue, something happens. It is one of those New York City moments that takes you unprepared so all you can do is watch. My camera was in my bag and I couldn’t move to take it out, so you’ll have to use your imagination. All of a sudden from out of nowhere appeared 300 or more men and women on motorbikes taking up the whole road going past at 60 miles an hour. The sound was deafening. It was tribal and like watching the whacky road race as they wheelied at 90 degree angles balancing with one foot on the back mud guard whilst still going at 60 miles an hour. One man span his back wheel so high off the ground he was flying through the air only holding onto the handle bars. There were Harleys, Quad bikes – never seen a quad bike do that on cross flatts park! It was like a dream when you wake up and say god I had this really weird dream people were flying off bikes at 60 mph that could never happen in real life. It’s very strange when you actually live it. Does this zooming thing happen every Sunday?
So onto the cathedral, is it bigger than York Minster? – yes of course it is!












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