Just Crossed 110th Street

I had my own private guide today. I wanted to do a bit of a reccy on the Harlem Children’s Zone for when I get back from North Carolina. I know there are different sites located through the area and Irene who I met during the week knew where they were throughout Harlem and offered to give me a guided tour. Due to the Sunday service on the Subway I decided to treat myself and hailed my first taxi. We drove practically full green lights all the way up past Central Park, Strawberry Fields and Dakota buildings then over the famous 110th Street.
Harlem starts from 110th street, from the North part of Central Park and naturally flows up through the Manhattan Island. It has been notorious over the years with shifts between iconic cultural movements such as the Renaissance period during the 1920’s celebrating it’s African-American musical talents at places such as the famous Apollo, to the 1970’s and the notoriety for it’s street crime. However with the influx of real estate developments pumped into the blocks it has made the streets feel safer but now has the pressing issue of gentrification with rising house prices pushing people who have lived there for years to move out. We started on the West side and moved eastwards. It was so interesting getting an informed tour from someone who knew the history of the buildings.
The photos below and the next posts show houses that have been rebuilt, maintained, preserved and Hamilton Heights that have remained untouched throughout the century.

A typical street with prices already $ 2million for a house next to houses who’s rent is steadily rising.




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