Mini meltdown

As I’m typing this I’m watching the reporting of the shut down of the government spending. First time in 17 years and whilst i’m here, typical! We’re now watching bored photographers awaiting congress leaders’ exit the White House to hopefully come to a decision on spending. Khari has been fielding calls from the journalists all day, seeing if any of the head start programs are being temporarily shut down. Because the Head Start programs are funded by the federal government it would be right to assume that some head start services may be suspended. Thankfully because of the cycle of funding most of the programs are covered for this overlap on the fiscal year.
This is turning out to be a fully comprehensive research experience.
I face timed my children this afternoon. Stanley says he’s been watching Newsround (kids news) in the morning and they’ve told him the national parks are closed down in the USA. He said ‘Mummy you can’t go to the zoo!’
Bless – it’s a trans-family research experience!
Hey if all else fails, I could always set up my ‘alternative’ tour guide service getting down in the hoods in Queens and the Bronx! A Brits perspective!
Okay more to follow soon, it’s been a busy day!


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