One more stop on the Highline

I went back to the Highline yesterday before my last meeting at Catholic Charities. I wanted to get another look at the urban walkway which covers 20 blocks over the Meatpacking district of Chelsea on the West Side of Manhattan. I managed to have a quick chat with the volunteers tending the perennials which makes up the beautifully designed landscape through the old tracks and sleepers of the disused railway line. I then spoke to Highline staff selling pens, and magnets and general information on the history of the Highline. I spoke to Will and Liza who were happy to talk to me at length about how it came about and how it has regenerated a run down area of Manhattan into a the third most visited tourist attraction in the city!
I have got lots of information and views from different people and am looking forward to giving a presentation to the Holbeck Neighbourhood Forum upon my return.







One thought on “One more stop on the Highline

  1. I hope your presentation went or goes well, it was really great meeting you and having such a meaningful conversation! Good luck with all your projects.

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