Community Firework Display in Holbeck

‘Over a hundred families gathered outside the Holbeck Working Mens Club on Saturday night to witness the first Holbeck Community Firework Display of the Century!
Thanks to the Community Projects Group which is part of the Holbeck Neighbourhood Plan and financial support from Aire Valley Homes it was made possible for local families to experience this wonderful display.
The fuse bearers Denis Kitchen, Ellie Rogers and Chris Jones engineered the lighting of the fireworks and kept every one on their toes with exciting explosions lasting over 30 minutes. Thanks also to Ian Pickup, Andrea Edwards Katie and Jessica from the Community Projects Group who also provided donations and made sure the evening ran smoothly.
Along with the tasty takeaway truck and the welcoming warmth of the working men’s club bar, families took refuge between the rain the pops and the bangs! It was great to see so many adults and children from Holbeck enjoying the atmosphere of the evening together.
Andrea Edwards, chairperson of the Ciaran Bingham Foundation said she remembers in the early 1980’s as a child in Holbeck watching the local bonfires then. She said she hoped that like her other grown ups would recall this and hopefully bring their children and relive some of those memories’.
Keep updated via the website for more exciting festive events planned by the Community Projects Group with the Christmas Tree Lights and Caroling on the Moor.

Andrea Edwards
Holbeck Working Men’s Club







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