Community Facilities Walkabout in Holbeck Saturday 16th November 2013

I was really excited and looking forward to yesterday’s walkabout on ‘Community Facilities’ in Holbeck, Saturday 16th November.

This was the last walkabout scheduled on the Holbeck Neighbourhood Plan website, following Heritage and Identity and Businesses and Employment back in October. Andrea Edwards and Margaret Bingham were waiting in Holbeck Working Mens Club car park to host this one. Jessica Keenan from Mosiac and myself made it so we were a party of four.

The walkabouts are designed to help us get a picture of the different centres currently offering a variety of services at community spaces. We were surprised just how many they were within the vicinity of the plans ‘boundary’ lines.
The seven sites we visited were;
St.Matthews Community Centre.
This is probably the most used and well known of all the centres. A big church situated off the main road is a main hub offering different groups, advice surgeries by Hilary Benn each month, various groups including a parent and toddler group, majorettes, and of course the Christmas Gala venue. It has a huge hall and breakout rooms to hire out, contact details are clearly marked at the front of the building and there’s a notice board inside.
Ingram Gardens
This bungalow is off the main road inside a cul-de-sac within a residential area, so its not visible from the main road. It is part of a sheltered housing space with comfy seats and a small kitchen. This used to be owned by Aire Valley Homes but has now gone back to the council and maybe called Leeds Housing. They have Bingo every Thursday 2-4. It’s The Holbeck Neighbourhood Plan have their group meetings here as does other local groups. (Andrea will be giving more details on this space in her write up on the HNP website)
Holbeck Elderly Aid
This is an established place offering support to the Elderly in Holbeck. Situated in a terrace house just off the main road near the viaduct with ramp access. Apparently, they have a computer cluster which I’m going to find out more about soon.
Cleverley’ Court
This is a sheltered housing complex situated towards the back part of Holbeck at the end of Cleveleys Avenue.
Holbeck Community Centre
The ‘Health for All’ Charity are based here, as is the Christian Fellowship and Holbeck Food Bank part of Mosaic Church (which Jessica helps run). It is around the back of Holbeck along Elland Road and situated high above the M621 motorway. It is not clearly visible or signposted. There was also another Saturday morning worship congregation taking place as we passed by.
Ingram Road Primary School
The local primary school has a great community room just off their hall and is used for different groups within the school. Jessica runs a group in here too with the children.
Holbeck WMC
A fantastic venue with lounge and public bar, events room offering reasonable hire prices. The club is working with a variety of local companies to bring exciting events to the community.
We are looking into whether the Royal British Legion still operates every Thursday at 7.45. Also whether you have to be a member to drink there if there’s no events taking place.
Then right at the end I took a lovely picture of Andrea, Margaret and Jessica and then deleted them accidentally when I got home. So I went out and took pictures of all the buildings again, alas the girls weren’t there. Maybe we can get together again?
If you would like to share an experience from any of these or other venues in Holbeck please post your comment here.
links to sites i have so far …












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