Apply Yourself

Having had a two weeks away I have sat by and watched my blog stats turn in to a toothless chart, going from the Crunchie Bar columns to small pebble like Smarties. So as I wean myself out of Christmas and New Year chocolate I kick start my year by applying myself back into action.

If only Lucy could just ‘Apply Herself’ her work would greatly improve. How many times did I read these two words my school report each year. ‘Apply yourself’ What does that mean?

I would try and apply myself by staring intently at my homework waiting for a miracle, but it just sat staring back at me. My attempts to apply myself out of the room and onto my bike came much faster. At school, I wasn’t destined for early sporting or academic success. Even a kick up the behind (literally) from Mrs Glover to uphold school netball team meant I had to be flexible with my limited skill set.

I’ve applied for lots of things in my life; jobs, houses, benefits, colleges/degrees and the fellowship.
And I have achieved good things; passing my driving test, gaining a degree, having babies (and bringing them up). Admittedly the motivation has been shared with others encouraging me to do it and of course the primal urge to push.

I would say that it has only been in the last year that I’ve learnt what applying myself actually means.

It’s a skill and I have had to learn it.

I can say that it has been a mixed bag of hard work and channelling my efforts into areas of my own interest. There has also been some important people in my life that have recognised my potential and pushed me to do something to a good standard. Now I see applying myself is to envisage a ‘beginning’ a ‘middle’ and an ‘end product’.

So this year I’m going to start applying myself into recognising the strengths and potential in other people, after all applying yourself is a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

How will you apply yourself in 2014?




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