Beeston to Brazil

Sirens are blaring, and I see a sea of different faces looking at me, Leeds train station is buzzing at at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon. I love this stage of travelling. The bit in between leaving your familiar world behind and venturing off after weeks of organising and planning into the unknown. There’s a bit of me that feels like a foreigner in my own town with my rucksack on my back.

Manchester Airport on a Saturday night however, is not as vibrant.
It’s 18.50 and the place is half empty.
So i’ve done the usual; sprayed 5 dozen perfumes on me, sampled christian dior lip thingys and dropped a pizza tomato on my new linen trousers.
I’m setting out on the second leg of my fellowship travels. This time to Rio and Porto Alegre in Brazil. I am looking at how this country supports and engages their families. Two things in common between the USA and Brazil is that they are both quite decentralised systems.
Anyway, I arrive in Rio at sunrise tomorrow morning in the middle of carnival.
Bye for now.



One thought on “Beeston to Brazil

  1. You’re in Rio in Carnival???? Green with envy here. I’d have carried your rucksack if you’d asked!! Have a great time.

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