Sugar Loaf

Everyone at the hostel has been so friendly and helpful. As I type I have my right foot in a bucket of iced water carefully prepared for me by the lovely hostel proprietor.

The carnival is in full swing and even though I haven’t actually been at the samba drome the atmosphere spills into the streets with organised bloco parties. Being part of 120,000 people following one float with music blaring was my first bloco experience. All ages gather walking throughout the streets singing to popular tunes, dancing and drinking and eating!

It’s just coming to the end of the summer holidays here so families are cramming onto the beaches for the last few days.
I have been sampling all street vending and beach food.. Everything tastes amazing: Corn.. Dumplings, grilled haloumi prepared on mobile grills served on skewers.. Drinking from coconuts through a straw and then watch children come by to collect the empties to create beach forts.

Work begins tomorrow when I travel to Porto Alegre.. For now pictures of Sugar Loaf Mountain. 20140304-153048.jpg













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