PIMs (Primeira Infancia Melhor)

Part of the Ministry of Health’s delivery of services in Brazil is to filter policies through to the municipal levels. The local authorities then are flexible in adapting these on a local level.

PIM’s which stands for Primeira Infancia Melhor is a federally funded initiative working on the frontline of poorest parts of Esteiou. It is an early intervention team made up of psychologists, social workers, teachers and speech and language consultants. Contacts from the ULBRA Uni are connected to this also, and thanks for Sheila And Christine for collecting me from the metro station.

Each specialised professional represents an area of development in the program;

.Physical development – mobility
.Social Emotional Development
.Cognitive learning
.Speech and Language

Marcia – teacher
Christine – Psychologist
Carin -Teacher
Eliane – Social worker
Thaiane student who is training
technical group of the program

They are based at the mental health clinic but are not part of it. Each week another team of 12-14 medical trainee students work with the families. Today, they are planning the rest of their week; different activities they will do with the families all linking all four dimensions of the program. The ‘visitors’ also use this time for peer supervision and supervision. As the work can be challenging with facing issues the visitors also have access to a councillor too. (!)

They are preparing for the group I am visiting tomorrow.

They’ve brought chocolate, corn cake and coffee for my visit.
Thanks to Maryann who helped translate for me this morning.






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