University uses Law and Psychology to help combat Domestic Violence

My visits here in Porto Alegre were organised for me by my wonderful host Susana Delgado; ULBRA’s Speech and Language Co-ordinator. She has helped me see how proactive the University is in opening up opportunities for students in research and practice and the results these partnerships bring.

After my visits out in the Vila’s, and meeting so many wonderful people, I spent Tuesday inside a seminar room learning more about the University’s innovative approaches this time towards Domestic Violence.

Here, the Law and Psychology departments work together alongside Canoa’s city forum. This is to develop research and actively working with preventative groups which is part of the forum’s Social Services to help break old systems and help pave new routes around tackling Domestic Violence.

NAVIV which has been running since 1997 is a holistic approach which works with domestic violence sufferers and perpetrators. It involves links with the community, local schools, adoption agencies, and family mediation services.

In this time the University has helped solved domestic conflicts without judicial intervention.
. Agility for adoption processes, which is made possible by psychological evaluation.
. Diminished violence rates in the families that received Naviv’s treatment.
(There are no actual statistics of this; it is based solely on the qualitative outcomes and contacts made with several families who were under the Centre´s care.
. Integrated forces of Psychologists and jurists to provide a better treatment for the community.

I discussed the use of our interagency working with MARAC and CAF’s, but as far as i’m aware I don’t think we have any other Educational Institute that does this kind of intervention ground work?



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