Baby Massage? What’s that to get out of bed for?

What’s the point in baby massage? These aren’t uncommon reactions from people when I tell them what I do. Actually there reasonably valid questions. What is the point in it? Well without quoting Bowlby and the social and emotional side of it, everything from all the baby brain and physiology books on early development can be related straight back to baby massage.

Nurturing touch is used tapping into all the senses that lay positive pathways to the brain. By recognising and building on cues from your baby, a unique bond is created through communication, one that is of lasting trust and respect. Using specific massage techniques you help relax and relieve busy digestive systems and promote sleep to stimulate growth in the muscles, and so much more..

I’ve come 6,000 miles to present my own findings and share the benefits of the wonderful world of baby massage from my own research conducted at Little London Children’s Centre in Leeds.
I’ve come to discuss the journey of bonding and communication between a multicultural group of parents and as a facilitator how you can recognise the cues shared between both baby and parent and encourage these.
I loved sharing that unique bonding experience with everyone and hoped the international perspective was of good value.
Thanks to Daisy for translating the presentation.






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