Thanks to Daisy

Thanks to Daisy Carr for translating my presentation in Portuguese. After all her hard work we totally synced and she managed to convey the essence of the talk. The response from the audience was worth it all.
I never knew how difficult it was to translate. Daisy knew that there was a big difference between providing a basic translation and restructuring sentences to actually get to the core of the meaning. Especially with baby massage as there’s so many key words. For instance ‘bonding’ in English can be used to explain an array of meanings but in Portuguese it has to be in the correct context, otherwise it’s confusing and I may as well get up there and deliver the whole thing in English.
There was a mild panic the night before though. I just needed to tweak, ok add more things and print the slides out. I tried to access the Internet in the hotel computer, but it was prehistoric and secured to Portuguese. Needless to say with a bit of grovelling in my best Portuguese desculpe, por favor etc. I managed to get a memory stick from Paulo ( Early years play specialist from Portugal) laptop from Mila (events organiser) and the hotel printer we were almost there! Lesson learnt, buy a laptop Lucy!
I had a brilliant time what an experience sharing my research with likeminded passionate people .standing up with all the Educationalists, Authors, Psychologists and the Mayor!









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