And stretch

There was a really cool icebreaker by a music therapist on the Saturday morning of the conference. Professora Paula Pecker decided to give us an action and singing workshop with the whole of the auditorium. I noticed uncomfortable shifting around from other members but not as much we would have done in the UK.

To my surprise everyone all went for it and soon forgot we were singing and waving our arms around. I learnt a new a song which is always good and after decided to express my thanks by saying ‘the UK as a culture is really nervous about singing apart from when were chanting at football matches’. Daisy had to translate on the spot again. This wasn’t the only time that morning I was grateful for Daisy.

Straight after we had a coffee break and a lady who had heard me came over to me and introduced herself Maria da Graca Gomes Paiva. She said she was glad I spoke because she wanted to find me and say hello. She was sorry she would’t be able to see me that afternoon as she had to leave back for Porto Alegre very soon.
She explained that she had won the Eisenhower travelling Fellowship a few years back and was recently made Municipal Deputy Secretary of Education in Porto Alegre and she also works for the PPIMs (Primera Infancia program – see past blog).
She then started to remove her PPIMs pin badge saying ‘We’re sealing the exchange for future work’.
Then Daisy suddenly had a light bulb moment and pulled out the Churchill commemorative Crown from her bag I’d given her on my last visit I was here!
Anyway the photos are proof of the lovely moment. Maria has done research over in Cuba in Early years I wonder if she has good contacts??








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