Subject of Adventure

Oh my goodness where does the time go?
It’s the Summer Holidays and already we’re another year older. So what to do with the children? I haven’t got anything planned this week so with a fiver, three bikes and just a little of bit energy;

Here are my three tips on daft but fun things to do with your kids for free or £2 (this is situated in Leeds but you’ll be able to do this anywhere in the UK)

Go into town and stand next to a shiny office block. The reflection from the walls along with the adult sized wells made a perfect place to hide in.
Stand inside the wells and simultaneously bring up your left leg and arm creating the flying effect. (see photo)

Go into the coop and for only £2 you can get really good black and white 4×6″ quality prints in under 20 seconds in the photo booth. (see photos)

Go into the entrance of Thomas Cook in the White Rose centre and find the free standing globe.
Get right up to the globe and close your eyes.
Spin the globe round keeping your eyes closed and your finger over the moving sphere.
After 5 seconds press down and whereever your finger lands is where you have to go at some time in your life.
Secretly willing it to be Cuba I find out I’m going to Bir Lehlour which is an oasis town in north-eastern Western Sahara. It’s got one school, one dispensary and one mosque.
Stanley’s got the Philippines.
We thought Iona was going to land in the pacific but she’s going to the Galapagos Islands.
We then went back and looked up the places on the internet making us the subject of adventure. (use your imagination)

Happy Holidays x20140725-202624-73584248.jpg20140725-202623-73583917.jpg


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