A year in half a day

I had one those of days yesterday when everything I did pretty much sums up my life in the last year.
At 9.30am My Mum and Aunty Jacky came round to look after the kids while I went to the job Fair organised by the job centre. I honed in on all the interesting tables I thought were of use to me and interviewed them.

Ebor Gardens helps people learn about Money issues by training volunteers and help people deal with debt problems Moneybuddies. Very empowering.

Little Elves are a new childcare setting going to be opening up soon on York Road. They provide childcare whilst providing training opportunities in house so they wrap the care around the training. Very holistic.

Then I met lovely Christina at a European job company. We talked about opening up cafés in communities and offering children’s learning activities. Very hard to actually do.

Then I cycled to St. Matthew’s, in Holbeck and met the planning aid volunteers (waiting for me) to consult the diners at the Holbeck Elderly Aid. Mixing the questionnaires with other voluntary services in the community to help make Holbeck a better place to live and work. Very lovely lovely people.

Then (this is still before midday) bought lentil soup made lunch had a coffee and lovely Aunty Jacky took me to Wickes and I bought my tiles for my bathroom. Very easy.

Then bought my sons new school uniform. Very easy to do if you remember your cheque book.

So then the rain came. I stayed in after that all before 3 pm. Makes me think what else I’m capable of doing within the other half of the day…


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