Journey’s start with Baby Steps

Our second steering group meeting for Baby Week Leeds this year took place on 9th March 2016 at Landmark court. We planned the timetable for the week; Monday 12th – Friday 16th September 2016.

Nick Frost drew out the framework for the week on flip chart paper and Sadyia Salim joined us from Business Support and Leadership for Children’s Services at Leeds City Council. Sadyia helped us join the more strategic parts together in terms of contacts and communications.

Sharon House (Children Centre services) confirmed we have three core venues for at established children centres around the city which include Kirkstall, Chapeltown and Beeston. These will host activities designed to attract families including baby massage, Scrap Explorers (making objects from reusable material) and Baby Wearing.

We discussed the launch too, and thought the opening day would include a private screen showing of the film Babies (Thomas Balmes) 2010. And then continuing the week until Friday with a variety of events from public and voluntary sector including a photographic exhibition from Leeds Dads.

We also wanted to get a strapline to help promote the week, thereby attracting as many families as possible; Journey’s start with Baby Steps. Baby Week Leeds 2016 A week bringing the best that Leeds has to offer to you. 

This will also include the Best Start Program, highlighting the maternity strategy 2015-2020.